• Falafel - Fresh and Homemade

    Falafel. Homemade. Fresh.

    made fresh. spicy and delicious.

  • Mixed Kabob Platter (lamb, beef, chicken)

    Mixed Kabob Platter

    a skewer each of marinated chicken, beef, and lamb, served with hommus, pita, and greek salad

  • Mujaddara Plate

    Mujaddara Plate

    lentils and rice with a blend of spices and sauteed onions, topped with tomato, cucumber, onion, olive oil, and mint salad. served with pita.

  • Vegetarian Platter

    Vegetarian Platter

    with falafel, spanakopita, hommus, greek salad, tahini, and pita

  • Gyro


    a mixture of beef and lamb, or chicken, served on pita wrap with fresh homemade cucumber sauce

  • Spanakopita


    savory spinach, herbs, and feta cheese, wrapped in delicate phyllo dough

  • Stuffed Grape Leaves

    Dolmas (Stuffed grape leaves)

    rolled and stuffed with a filling of rice, herbs, lemon, and olive oil

  • Baklava


    walnuts and cinnamon, layered phyllo dough, drizzled with golden honey and pistachios

  • Our grandparents


  • Jack's Corner Mediterranean Deli (outside view)

    Jack’s Corner Mediterranean Deli

    corner of spring garden and aycock, greensboro nc 27403
    tel 336.370.4400   click for map.

  • Turkish Coffee, Mamoul, and Baklava

    Fresh, rich Turkish Coffee with cardamom.

  • Tabouleh


    refreshing salad of parsley, bulghur wheat, tomatoes, onions, lemon, and olive oil.

  • Falafel Dog – only at Jack’s

    Fresh, homemade falafel dog! Served on a hot dog bun with mustard, ketchup, onions, and pickle. 2.99. Vegan.

  • about jack’s

    We have proudly been serving Mediterranean dishes to the Triad community since 1992. Jack’s is an independent, family-owned and -operated establishm...

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